Raw material is sourced daily from each region according to food safety and in line with demanded quantity / quality specifications. Seven mobile hydro-coolers(300 tons/day capacity) are used in order to precool the cherries right after the harvest so as to protect the freshness in each region. And then shipped directly to the central Bursa packhouse. The cherries are kept at the ideal temperature throughout the whole chain. The 8 minute hydrcooling process decreases the temperature from 25ºC field temperature down to 2ºC.

Once the raw material arrives at the packhouse, the quality department checks the product. Alara implements a traceability system from the orchard to the supermarket shelf.

Alara has one of the most sophisticated cherry packing line in the world. Company invested in a new electronic cherry sorter line from Italy in 2013, increasing its daily capacity to 300 tons with highy quality. There are 2500 workers turnover in 2 shifts during cherry season. Cherries are sorted and packed according to customer specifications and demands. Packaging includes consumer packs such as punnets and carry bags. We use modified atmosphere bags for all of our packs.

With its highly qualified and quality focused team in the whole chain Alara is one of the biggest exporter of cherries in the world.