Alara Early Sweets, Alara Mid Sweets, Alara Late Sweets, New variety development project ORIGIN


May to August (weeks 20 to 33)


  • Large, firm, juicy sweet, and bordeaux color
  • Long shelf and storage life
  • Resistant to rain cracking
  • Adaptable to grow in different altitudes, latitude and different climates
  • Green and strong stem retention


Sizes varies from 24mm to 30+ mm. 24-26mm, 26-28mm, 28-30mm and 30+ mm.


The sizes of our carton boxes are 30x40 cm and 40x60 cm. The palet sizes are 80x120 cm and 100x120 cm.

We can pack in punnets, carrybags and in loose boxes. The size of our consumer packs varies from 250 g to 1 kg the loose form is 5 kg and 10 kg boxes. We use modified atmosphere bags for all of our packs.